Final Blog Submission

In each of the five blog posts I believe to be my best, I have offered a discussion about the elements of media in regards to human perception, creative interventions, and the materiality and changing nature of media. The first post I have linked you to (Sound) explores the way an audience feels sound – through its energy and vibrations – and hears it. Furthermore, the post explores the changing nature of music (or the practice of controlling noise) throughout history as concert venues change. The next post, Meaningful Thoughts on Imagery, reflects on how montage, collage and sequential images can change the meaning of artworks for each individual. Everyone has their own perspective and that is evident in the way they view artworks and what they understand from them. “…Approach it like an adventurer” is the third post I have hyperlinked you to. In it, I have explored the practice of cartography and how mapping can afford to be creative, subjective and highly emotive. Psychogeography is the fourth post I draw your attention to which emphasises the concept of drifting and interacting with the terrain and circumstances that are before you.  The final blog post that I submit as one of my best is The Beauty in Art (Sound). This post reflects on the perceptions that art can give us as individuals. It explores our responses to sound art.

Each of the blog posts I have chosen to submit reflect the key themes we have explored this semester in Exploring Media Arts. I have chosen each of these posts because they demonstrate my insight and understanding of how the different aspects and elements of media can affect us (as an observing audience). Each of the aforementioned blog posts reflect on human perception, creative interventions, the materiality and changing nature of media, creative tools and their affordances and ways of describing media.


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