Thoughts on Media Art

Brogan Bunt’s 2009 paper, ‘Media Art: Mediality and Art Generally’, offered an insightful argument into the development of the Media Arts program at the University of Wollongong; however, I was intrigued by a few of the notions and concepts Bunt mentioned in his argument.

‘Media Art’ is “…concerned with modern technological forms of audio-visual representation.” Whereas, ‘New Media’ is “…concerned with the implications of the digital…” world. This is a contrast between the two forms I was loosely familiar with, that I had not thought about quite to the depth that Bunt has. It is insightful that one form of art is completely digital, through our new devices and technology, whereas the other form is primarily focused on poking holes in the medium of the first.

In the mentioning of medium, the¬†definition Bunt provides for the things used to create art strengthened my understanding of what we could use in terms of exploring mediality: “…any material or imaginary carrier of information qualifies as a medium.”




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