The Beauty in Art (Sound)

Art can make us aware and change the way that we think. As individuals we assume that what we hear and see is normal. It is exactly what it is in the most mundane of forms; it is what we know. Art, however, is profound. It allows us to look at the world with more depth and change our perspective in everyday life. Art allows us to be more open minded. As we hear and listen, the meanings we take from conversations, music, noise and the like are diverse. Our culture and history varies how we respond to and understand the sound we hear around us and what we filter in and out. Sound makes us aware of space as it bounces around in waves. The spoken voice, on the other hand, is more intimate. We hear the body it extends from to enter into our own in our ears. We feel it; we sense the emotion, culture and health of it. That is the beauty in art; the beauty in sound.


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