Sound Workshop

Today’s workshop invited us to further explore sound, extending off of the lecture last week.

Firstly, we discussed ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), what is experienced as a calming sensation that washes over an individual through a “…relaxing tingling in the scalp and the back of the neck [which] can extend into the rest of the body.” ASMR sounds, as we found out, can almost be described as a ‘3D’ sound – something that you feel as it is being spoken about. The video below provides an excellent example of ASMR. I highly recommend closing your eyes when listening to experience the tingle provoked by the sounds of getting a haircut.

In this instance, we also spoke about how sound is inclined to stimulate your personal imagination. Sound is powerful. It is a storytelling medium. Sound offers an experience, an impression, an emotional connection. It is emotive and offers an aspect of realism that we find ourselves believing.

Secondly, our group exercise today was to take a silent stroll around the La Trobe University campus as a group. We heard the noise around us in all different areas, but we were not listening to anything in particular. We were experiencing the noise of the traffic around us (the general hum as it is also known). 

Lastly in today’s workshop, Jan informed us on the three basic aspects of sound recording to help us begin our ‘Sound Projects’. 

1. The microphone used is important. All microphones are different.

2. The placement and positioning of the microphone. It is important to point the microphone in the direction you are recording.

3. Recording levels. When recording it is important for the peak levels to fall between -6 and -12 dB to ensure that a good signal to noise ratio is established – the signal sound be dominant to the noise. 



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