Meaningful Thoughts on Imagery

Montage, collage and sequential images are forms of artwork composed with more than one image. Putting multiple images together, however, can cause implications in the way that the pieces of art are read and understood. Our ability as humans to see is quite small in comparison to other creatures on Earth, but it is what we recognise in the images we view that establish some sort of meaning to us. Images within and next to each other can be symbolic and representing of an extensive vocabulary. Symbols, for example, play interesting roles, embodying different meanings. Furthermore, the assembly of such images can change what an individual observes and feels. Repetition of images is demonstrated through artwork to be significantly powerful. It is the notion that something is repeatable, but every time the meaning of it is slightly different. Things change. Meanings change quickly – especially over time.

In essence, whether the image is in context or not, if it is a montage, collage, sequential image or depicts symbols, the meaning of each piece of artwork will change and evoke different motions out of each individual over the course of history.


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